It’s not about me

It’s not about me

 Max Lucado

 Thomas Nelson

It’s not about me is a readable book that has a very simple premise. Max outlines in his customary lyrical style the problem with assuming that our lives are about making ourselves happy. He shows that this assumption; far from making us happy, has instead turned us into a people who are addicted to stuff and self-seeking.

What Max suggests is that our lives are rather about God. After all it is God who created us and placed us into this life, it seems reasonable to think that God knows what we are supposed to be about. So Max walks us through the concept of thinking about God and what God wants before we think about what we want. What he suggests is that what God wants is for us to reflect God’s glory, and that real joy is found in doing just that.

In the next section he talks about how we reflect that glory and thus lead other people to the conclusion that their lives should be about God rather than themselves.

I found the book immensely readable, as all of Max Lucado’s books are. I also thought his basic premise is rock solid. We will indeed find a great deal more satisfaction serving God than ourselves. As usual, there were a few fine theological points where I disagreed with him, but nothing so substantial that I wouldn’t recommend the book to others.


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