Limerents in the Bog

Limerents in the Bog

Allen Lee Tayler

Garden Gnome Publications

Limerents in the Bog is a very strange book that starts in the bog enters a bit of extended weirdness then… well I won’t say in case you decide to read the book for yourself.

Lohir is a limerent, which as far as I can tell is an excuse to use the word ‘rubber flesh’ a lot. He is a timid sort who is disgruntled that the woman he lusted after up and left him with no explanation. In the midst of Lohir’s moping a clown lures him out of his father’s bog into the forest where he meets tiger vines, talking bushes and Vestigial Virgins.

As you may know if you follow this blog, I enjoy a dash of weirdness in my reading, but Limerents is weird without going anywhere. It is short, only sixty-one pages, but I arrived at the end thinking “I did all this work for this?”

The problem is that Lohir doesn’t make any decisions. He leaves the bog and things happen to him. Weird things, but he takes no control, just follows the clown. I’m afraid I can’t recommend this book for anyone.

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