Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese

Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese
Stephanie Stiavetti, Garrett McCord
Little, Brown and Company

Melt is a cookbook that focuses on Macaroni and Cheese. At first it seems a little crazy to need an entire book to cook mac and cheese. Then you start reading the book and learning about the man

y different cheeses with the wide variety of flavours and textures. You learn about exotic pasta; things like squid ink pasta and chocolate fettuccine.

We tried the drunken goat with fennel salad which is very simple with just lemon juice and a dash of oli

ve oil for dressing. It was delightful. Next was a substitution as I couldn’t find the garrotxa cheese from spain and I used a manchego with the ham and sun-dried tomatoes in penne. This is when our eyes started rolling back in our heads at the flavours. The last one that we managed to find the cheese for was the beef stroganoff with moody blue. This was another dish that had different flavour  exploding and blending in our mouths.

Unless you live near a very good cheese shop you are going to look at some dishes wistfully or try them with distant substitutions. Even though we live in Flin Flon, our local Co-op carries eno

ugh variety of cheese that we plan to try several more of this recipes. We also found some in our travels. You will be amazed that mac and cheese can run the gamut from salad to vegetable to  meat to desert. This is an extraordinary book. While you are looking at recipes and the mouthwatering pictures that accompany them, you will also take a tou

r through the very broad world of cheese both goat and cow’s milk.

I recommend Melt to anyone who loves cheese, or has an adventurous spirit.

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