Method Man

Method Man

Sanford Greene and David Atchison

Published by Grand Central Publishing

Method Man is a graphic novel. That is important because the impact of the story depends as much or more on the visuals as on the words. The premise of the novel is original. Poe, the protagonist is a direct descendant of Cain. As a result he has access to vision that includes the spiritual world, and to a rage that give him berserker strength. Poe had been a member of the Order of Sacred Method but left because he found their rules too restrictive. He continues the campaign again the abhorents–monsters and the like who hate humanity, but on his terms. The Order comes to him with the news that the mother of all abhorents (literally) is on the loose and looking to destroy the Order before taking on Heaven itself.

The graphic part of the novel is drawn in a loose style, which goes well with the story. It is done in black and white without some of the confusing framing of some graphic novels. Much of the characters’ emotions are hinted at with a few lines. I found the gestalt of word and image worked well for this novel.

I would have loved to seen the story developed a bit more. There are hints at some interesting sidelines that would have been great to explore in more detail. If you are looking for a complex and gripping storyline, this is not the book for you. If you would like a simple story with some great art to accompany it, than The Method Man is for you.

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