Migon by P.C. Keeler


P.C. Keeler

I can’t say I’ve read many books in which the protagonist dies in the first chapter, getting eaten by a dragon to be exact. Gyndri is an average boy living in Landing. He sets out on his run, a rite of passage where he has the above mentioned encounter.

Gyndri lives in a world of magic, mystery and wizards. When he hatches from a shell with partial memories of being Gyndri, he begins to learn the world is very different than he’d imagined. There are wizard and mystery, but the magic is not at all what he expected, especially now that he is part of it.

Migon is a fun read, with few predictable character tropes. Keeler takes the time to let us meet them, and more importantly see them begin to grow. The world is much more complicated than the beginning of the book suggests, but we learn about it as we need to.

Despite the dragon consumption, there is little direct violence in the book, though much is hinted at, this is a book any young person would enjoy reading. Gyndri is an engaging character, the decision to blend human and migon is what keeps him relatable, is also means he is learning as he goes, which is always more interesting than being handed knowledge on a platter.

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