Rath’s Deception

Rath’s Deception

Piers Platt

Rath is a smart kid with a gift. He has a perfect memory. He and his brother have a plan to use that gift to get out of the slum levels of their world. When his brother is taken by a gang, Rath is left on his own. He is caught stealing a police officer’s gun, but instead of being arrested, he is recruited by a shadowy organization of assassins.

He is trained and sent out to kill. Fifty kills and he get fifty percent of what he makes for the guild. The problem is he doesn’t like killing, but he keeps going because it is the only way for him to get out.

This is a wild ride of a read. There is Rath, but also a cop who has a bee in his bonnet about the mysterious group. He even managed to capture an assassin, but in the escape and aftermath is made a pariah.

The worlds are well planned and Rath is a complex character. We feel sympathy for him even as he does terrible things because we see the price he pays for his actions.

I highly recommend this book to science fiction readers.

You can buy the book here.

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