Reality Ends Here

Reality Ends Here
Alison Gaylin
Pocket Star Books

Reality Ends Here is what teen fiction should be like. It is funny, sassy and touching without getting maudlin. Estella is the older sister of sextuplets and an unwilling star in Seven is Heaven,¬† which is produced by her step-father. It isn’t easy being sixteen and the older sister of a mob of six year olds. It is impossible when you know that you are always under the gaze of the camera.

The story starts with Christmas Day and an unscripted present that appears to be from the father who died in a car fire ten years before. It continues with Conrad Delp a paparazzo who is stalking her, but never publishes a picture of her. Add in a dreamy hunk who plays in a saccharine sweet boy-band and you have a recipe for confusion and mayhem.

Estella is a very true-to-life teenaged voice. She is extremely well portrayed and is never forced outside of her character. The cast of strange characters that make up her world are even more odd in contrast to her down to earth emotions and actions. The bit of mystery that drives the book is not overdone and gives Estella room to shine and still be a real sounding girl.

I recommend Reality Ends Here for anyone who like a good story that will give you some good laughs, but also touch your heart. This is one of those rare books that I wish I could hand out a six star rating.

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