Reflection, the Stranger in the Mirror

Reflection, the Stranger in the Mirror
Rachel Smith


Nerissa is heir to the Kingdom of Chiyo. Chiyo is the more mystical of two divided kingdoms. The Kingdom of Marine followed a more technological path. They have been unquiet neighbours since a thwarted assassination attempt on the rulers of Chiyo twenty years earlier.

Nerissa is a strong minded young women who finds the strictures of being the heir suffocating. She decides to create double masquerade on the night of the ball celebrating the failure of the attack twenty years before. It will be one last night of anonymity, and a choice which will change the course of Chiyo’s history.

The world created in Reflections is fascinating with hints of magic and technology. It is the beginning of a series so I expect we will learn more in the next book. This novel does a good job of setting the stage, introducing the characters and setting, and creating the essential conflict for the series. Nerissa is a strong and engaging character with good back up cast.

I heartily recommend the book to fantasy readers.

You can buy the book here.

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