Runs Good, No Reverse

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Runs Good, No Reverse

Mike Hershman

Mike Hershman’s book about a boy and an 89 Nissan with no reverse gear is the first book to be reviewed under my new process. What attracted me to the book was the understated narration and background feeling that this was a ridiculous purchase.

The narrator and his friend, Fred drive the car home and learn the narrator’s girlfriend Stacy is less than impressed. This is a problem as she is the reason for getting the car in the first place. The narrator’s life is quickly divided into people who think he’s insane to have bought a car with no reverse, and those who admire his determination to make it work. Over the course of the next few months, that car changes his life, and touches a lot of people around him.

Mike maintains the low key narration through the book. The highest point of drama is a threatened suspension over parking on the street. That doesn’t mean there is no emotion or no place which tug at the heart strings, but the book trusts the reader to engage and care about two likable, average boys doing the best they can.

In the end the book is an ode to the fixer-upper car, which is often the first car a young person can afford. Unfortunately with changing technology, they are a dying breed. It is necessity which teaches the basics of car maintenance, and then more advanced work. The car which was bought to impress Stacy becomes a project in its own right.

This is an easy to read book either for those nostalgic for their first beater, or for those who are considering a car which requires them to become at least part grease-monkey. I highly recommend it.

You can buy the book here.

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