Salem’s Vengeance

WebSalem’s Vengeance

Aaron Galvin

Sara Kelly goes out with her friends to dance in the woods under the moonlight. What she thinks is an innocent outing turns dark and disturbing as Hecate, the devil’s daughter entraps two of her friends and almost captures Sara. Sara’s father is a strong member of the local church who wouldn’t hold with her dancing, but Sara’s world starts coming down around her ears as the witches come after her for vengeance for what happened in Salem before Sara was born.

This book is a combination of thriller, mystery and horror as Sara tries to understand why her family is the target of the witch who names herself Hecate, and why the witch hunters, Bishop and Priest are protecting her. The story starts nineteen years after the Salem witch trials. Aaron Galvin has built his story around what might have happened there and what might have happened next.

The characters and period are well drawn with the tension kept bow string tight for much of the book. Horror fans and historical fiction buffs will both enjoy the book.

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