Saving Angels

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Saving Angels 

The bodies of two women are found in two different churches nailed to the cross. Retired FBI profiler Billy Jackson is leading a workshop in the area and offers to help. He notices a disturbing resemblance to Special Agent Gabby Sinclaire.  Soon she and Michael Thomas are pulled into the case even as Billy and Michael think it’s a trap aimed at Gabby.

Jeff Davis has written a fun roller coaster ride of a book. This is the second book featuring Michael and Gabby, we learn a little more of their history as they race to find a third missing woman.  I like the characters and chemistry of the pair. They work well together, complementing each other’s skill. The people around them are also sketched out enough to be interesting,


There are a couple of places where we are given more information than we need. We don’t quite get the complete recipe for poor man’s crab boil, but it is very close. Yet they don’t derail the action and aren’t that many in number. A bigger concern is that all the villains are gay, use drugs and are bad people.  The heroes are straight, and are good, if not rule abiding people. There are no good gays or bad straights. It is easy for an author to get caught in stereotyping, and doesn’t appear to be an issue in the first book, but it is something to be aware of.

Still, I would recommend this book to people who enjoy technological thrillers.


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