Seasons Within

Seasons Within

Lele Iturrioz

G is a high school student. She lives in an orphanage with her best friend, Priy. She’s seventeen and always been a bit odd, as she remembers nothing of where she came from or even her name. She’s called G because of the necklace she’s worn since she was found.

The oddness around G escalates to bizarre and scary, and she’s not sure if the new teacher Mr. Blau has anything to do with it. He doesn’t act like a normal teacher.

Lele avoids most of the common tropes with this book. Each of the main characters are decently well rounded, though I’d love Priy’s ethnic background to have more part in the book.

The plot is also handled well, and has some nice turns to it to keep it engaging.

Unfortunately, the book could have used quality content editing. There are technical issues around description and characterization, and point of view is variable without sufficient narrative voice to allow for showing thoughts of more than one character in a scene. I saw some minor issues with story structure. None of this makes Seasons Within a bad book, but it does keep it from being a great book.

If you are willing to overlook these issues, it is a fun read. It is YA fantasy.

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