Second Chance

Second Chance

David Perry

Pettigrew Enterprises LLC
Bookmasters, Inc

Second Chance is the story of a pharmacist caught up in searching for clues to a wonder drug. The clues are left to him by a man who committed suicide after perfecting the recipe, fearing the world wasn’t ready for the consequences of the drug.

Alex Benedict works as a pharmacist at a private hospital and he detects problems with the medications that some of the  patients received. Patients who died horribly soon after. The real quest begins when the mysterious medication works as it was intended to and soon he in on a search for the recipe, dogged by people who have their own plans for the formula.
I like the character of Alex Benedict and the other people who populate the book. The plot itself is interesting and the ethical questions are fascinating. I wish that the book wasn’t quite so choppy in its format. We are moved from character to character very rapidly even in the middle of the already brief chapters. There were times I had to stop reading to allow my head to stop spinning. However this problem may be a result of my own preferences since I have since a number of novels in which POV shifts with dizzying rapidity. I would have preferred a longer chapters and scenes, but it didn’t detract too much from the book.
I would suggest that people who like medical mysteries and the battle between the hero and shadowy evil will enjoy the book.

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