Setup: Android Assassins

Setup: Android Assassins

Dean C. Moore

In my opinion, this is Dean’s best book to date. Max Chase witnesses the assassination of a super-spy by androids and immediately guesses he’s been setup up by the notorious FBI Future Division. He attempts to warn his family to hide and stay clear, but given neither his wife nor son like him, his warning falls on deaf ears, at least until they uncover part of the plot themselves.

In Setup we are given a near perfect mix of cutting edge science, sardonic wit and family dynamics. Dean likes showing the ultimate technology as spiritual, but in this book, he makes that work in a way which feels natural and satisfying.

If you like interesting characters, humour and out there science and conspiracies, this book is definitely for you. If you enjoy a good thriller romp around the globe, you’ll like Setup.

The book will be release June 18, so keep an eye out for this fun read.

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