Seven Forges

Seven Forges
James A. Moore
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Merros took on the task of leading a team of men into the Blasted Lands. He took on the task because he was bored the wizard who asked him offered him a lot of money. As the name suggests, the Blasted Lands are not a friendly place, yet they meet with a people who have been watching for their arrival. He soon finds himself leading an envoy from the people who live in the Seven Forges back to his own Empire.

James A. Moore drops us into the middle of the Blasted Lands and an imminent fight with the Pra-Moresh. From that point he balances action and and mystery with a deft hand. The Sa’ba Taalor, the people of the Seven Forges are human, but different enough to create tension. It is clear that there is a lot more going on than the characters suspect and that sustains the story through the necessary slower sections. The characters of the empire are equally well drawn.

Seven Forges is a well written fantasy adventure with a very interesting premise and a big world to explore. It is notable that Moore doesn’t spend of lot of words describing the world rather we learn about it as the characters move through it. It is a very good way of creating a sense of expansiveness.
I recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy.

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