Shadow Swarm

cover49625-mediumShadow Swarm

D. Robert Pease

Evolved Publishing

Aberthol Nauile wakes up in a tomb and doesn’t know who he is. The people around him tell him he is the King, come to save them from the blackest enemy. His triumphant return becomes an ambush and he must flee with the granddaughter of a man he wasn’t able to save. They meet up with her exiled father and learn that the situation is even worse than they thought. The only person who can save them is Aberthol, if he can only remember how.

I enjoyed reading a book that is complete in itself. I enjoy a trilogy when it is well done, but it is nice to have a book that begins and ends satisfactorily in one volume. Shadow Swarm is a great read. The main character is complex and the people of the land who he is to save are unique and varied. One may think that the plot of a chosen person to save a country from a dark overlord is a plot that has seen its day, but the author puts his own spin on the plot and weaves us in and out of time to riveting conclusion.

I recommend the book for people who like fantasy, especially epic fantasy.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I’m glad you liked it.

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