Shadows to Sunlight: One Woman’s Journey

Shadows to Sunlight: One Woman’s Journey

Glenda Walker-Hobbes

Lighthouse Publishing 2002

Shadows to Sunlight is a collection of poetry by Glenda Walker-Hobbes on her journey through weight loss and all its attendant issues of triumph, failure and guilt.

Poetry is different than prose. That may seem self evident, but it is important to realize that this is a book best savoured over coffee and a thin biscuit or perhaps a slice of cheesecake slathered with chocolate. You see this is a book by a woman who has been both places. If she hasn’t exactly made peace with herself and her body, she is able to look back with wiser eyes and an occasional droll sense of humour.

The poems in the book range from “Stigma” to “Chocolate”, from “Dear Fat” to “The Way I’m Built”, from “Shadowlands” to “Sunshine”. This is no collection of easy poems either. There is real struggle and pain, but also glimpses of redemption and as promised plenty of humour.

If any poems are aerobics for the mind, these are. They lurk quietly waiting to cause a wince, or a laugh, or sometimes both. Glenda’s poems are tightly crafted, and vary in style from one to another. They are poems that can be re-read and new things discovered each time.

I would recommend this slim volume to anyone who struggles with their weight or knows someone who does. That should cover just about everyone. It is available through Lighthouse Publishers 2002 at their website:

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