Shift (Strange Chemistry)


Kim Curran

Angry Robot

Shift breaks my rule to avoid books that put too much information in the prologue. This novel by Kim Curran starts by apparently giving too much of the plot away in the first page of the book. What makes it work is the premise of the book, that the narrator is one of a select and secret group of people who can change a decision they made in the past. Scott Tyler learns he is one of these people. At first he thinks it’s great that he can go back and change all the mistakes he made, but it isn’t that simple. Fixing some mistakes only makes things worse and he quickly gets himself into trouble.

This novel is a clever, fast moving story. I really like the characters and found myself rooting for them. It has enough complexity to keep it interesting in the breathing spaces between the action, and it looks at the ethical issues without being preaching or didactic. It is written with a young adult audience in mind, but the extra plots and issues will make it worth picking up even if you no longer think of yourself as young.

I would highly recommend Shift for anyone who wants a good solid story and perhaps a little to think about at the end of it.

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