Jamie Schultz

Anna lives in the underbelly of a secret world of magic. She and her team survived their last job, but it left them under the control of Enoch Sobel, who is not known for his kind and generous nature. The team is damaged to. Karyn, their prophet and Anna’s oldest friend is lost in the myriad world’s of the future.¬† The source of the herbs which kept her sane has vanished.

Sobel has set them to abduct Van Horne, a man with a manic group of followers who are not only able to do things like throw fire around, but who have a questionable hold on sanity. They are also connected with the group who was the cause of their situation.

Life is hard, and it is going to get a whole lot harder before this job is done.

If you like your urban fantasy gritty and hard edged, this book is for you. Anna is well drawn as a woman at the edge of her resources, but who has no option but to keep going anyway. Everyone on her team has their own secrets and their own agenda.

The villains in the book are well developed as well, and are much more complex than being just ‘the bad guys. Splintered is a good solid read.

You can buy the book here.

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