Scott J. Holliday
Haley Road Publishing

Stonefly is not the book I expected when I started reading it. Is is a far superior story to the one I expected. It was the whole wish granting thing that pushed my expectations in a different direction. I expected a story about a person who had the power to make wishes happen. Instead the story is about Jacob Duke, who has the responsibility to grant wishes, but no special power to do so.

He has returned to the landscape that he saw out the windows of Dover, an institute for the dangerously insane. He spent years there as a result of granting his first wish. All Jacob wants to do is flyfish, but he meets Frankie – a ten year old who wishes someone would kill his dad. Jacob checks out the man and if there was anyone who needed killing it was Darren Collins, but Jacob isn’t happy with the idea, but there are consequences for not granting a wish and they are unthinkable.

Part of what surprised me about the book is the depth of the characters that Holliday uses to populate his book. Even the characters with bit parts get careful attention so that we feel we know them. Jacob is both matter of fact and tortured by his curse. He is aware of the ethical problems with the wishes, but he is also very much aware that we humans can’t stop wishing. 

I would strongly recommend this book for anybody who enjoys a good roller coaster of a ride. I will be looking forward to the next book in the Jacob Duke series.

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