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Blood or Destiny by Angela Stevens

Blood or Destiny is a continuation of the Vargr Saga in which we are introduced to a unique interpretation of Werewolves and Skin Walkers, add in Vampires and magic and you have a strong world inhabited by strongly developed characters. … Continue reading

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The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt Caratacus Plume The Wild Hunt is urban fantasy the way it should be written. The Faerie Kingdoms, other magical beasts and normal England, assuming you could call Brighton normal. Tom Dearlove has been sent to stay with … Continue reading

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Frozen in Amber

Frozen in Amber Phyllis Ames Frozen in Amber is set in a world where Weres live unknown in the midst of normal people. Only a few chosen normal people are in on the secret. A special branch of the FBI … Continue reading

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Tamed Douglas R. Brown Rhemalda Publishing Tamed is an interesting concept. Henderson, a greedy corporate magnate creates a business around selling werewolves as pets. They are guaranteed safe and the public adores them. There are some dirty secrets behind WereHouse. … Continue reading

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