The Accounting

The Accounting
William Lashner
Thomas & Mercer

The Accounting is the story of Jon Willing. He is abandoned by his father and disowned by his father’s family. He becomes J.J. Morretti in a suburb called Pitchford. J.J. makes an enemy of the local bully, Tony Grubbins. Their mutual hatred ends up with J.J. and his friends Augie and Ben stealing a lot of money from the Grubbins home.

Twenty-five years after that theft, someone wants it back. They have murdered Augie and they are coming after Jon and his family. Somehow an out of work mortage broker has to out smart the people with guns and a network of violence.

This is almost two completely different books. The first part of the book was interesting but not gripping. To be perfectly honest if I weren’t reading it to review I would have never made it the last part of the book, and that would have been a pity.

The first part is a character study of Jon. There is some action, but it happens around Jon and even when he is involved it seems almost accidental. There is some fascination in deconstruction of Jon and his secret. We are shown the cost of that secret in his life as well as getting a glimpse of what it has given him.

At some point in the book Jon stops being a droll voice describing how he became the flawed individual we see and starts acting on the world around him. He is still flawed, but he moves past his flaws to see a potential that he is willing to fight for. Once I hit this part of the book I had a hard time putting the book down.

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes both action and character. In the end it pulls no punches and stands with the other Lashner books that have gripped my imagination and kept me up far too late reading them to their satisfying conclusion.

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