The Ambitious Card

The Ambitious Card
John Gaspard    
Henery Press

Eli Marks is a magican who lives with his Uncle Harry. They run Chicago Magic, and Eli does magic on the side. He is also not so secretly in love with his friend’s wife. Eli is asked to do a TV show in place of his Uncle Harry to debunk Grey, the real estate agent turned psychic. When Grey turns up dead with one of Eli’s cards and Eli’s fingerprints on the weapon, Homicide Detective Fred Hutton thinks that Eli is a prime suspect. It doesn’t help that Homicide Detective Fred Hutton is also the new husband of Eli’s ex-wife, the assistant District Attorney.

The plot romps on from that point with Eli bumbling his way through as he tries to investigate the murder and show that he’s innocent. What is nice is that Eli Marks is no Sherlock Holmes. He isn’t putting one over on the police and he is no further ahead than we are. There is a wonderful cast of strange characters that wander through the book, from a terminally depressed children’s magician to a psychic who only works over the phone.

I found the book very easy to pick up, but not that easy to put down. John Gaspard does a very good job of keeping just enough suspense for me to turn the page instead of putting the book down and going to bed. The well timed bursts of humour add icing to the cake. I recommend The Ambitious Card for any one who like mystery and magic.

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