The Blood Guard

cover37524-mediumThe Blood Guard

Carter Roy

Amazon Children’s Publishing

Two Lions

I don’t often pay attention to the buzz around a book because usually I’m disappointed. This was not the case with the Blood Guard. Evelyn Trueblood, known as Ronan to his friends spends all his free time in an odd assortment of after school activities – everything from gymnastics to fencing. He thinks his mother is just over controlling until she picks him up from school and flee from strange people in a red SUV.

Ronan’s mom has just enough time to tell him that she is a member of an ancient order called the Blood Guard and that he must go to Washington D.C. and to trust no one. She leaves him running for the railway station while she goes to find his father.

The strange people continue to chase Ronan and the pickpocket who is the person he was supposed to meet on the train. A girl from his old school gets caught up in the action as well. The three of them run from people who appear to have powerful magic, but they have resources of their own.

This book grabs your attention and holds it. There is humour and time for reflection, but Carter Roy avoids the traps of young adult adventures and keeps the book focussed on the action. He manages the characterization with an expert hand and reveals only slowly what is really going on and what makes these three people the center of so much activity.

The Blood Guard is the first in a series and I will be watching for the next book. I highly recommend this book to adventure lovers and those who like different twists on their magical mayhem.

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