The Blood of the Mystic

Blood of the Mystic

Joe Biarcardi

Blood of the Mystic tells the story of a Joseph who has a vision of a horrific accident injuring his daughter and him. When the vision comes true he uses the healing skills he learned in the East to repair the damage,¬† a little too thoroughly. A doctor at the hospital injects his father with serum from Joseph’s daughter and the old man is returned to health. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse as Joseph tries to convince the world of the healing power of love, while other forces wish to maintain the trillion dollars medical industry.

The story has a great message and is worth reading for that reason, but unfortunately,  the great message overwhelms the story to the point of making if somewhat predictable and shallower than it could be. More effort on creating a complex plot and three-dimensional characters would lift the book above being about a message to being a great story that leaves us something to chew on.

The book is recommended for people who like stories with a spiritual message.

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