The Bloodforged


The Bloodforged

Erin Lindsey

The epic saga that started in The Bloodbound continues…  so states the first line of the blurb about this book. This is important information. You will not be able to follow half of what goes on in the book if you haven’t read the first one. As a reviewer I am often asked to review second or following books in a series and usually I can piece together the plot and characters very quickly. With this book, you will want to read the first book. I would recommend doing so as if it is any where close to as well written as this book, it is well worth reading.

The plots which dog the characters as they try to find a way to hold out against the invasion by their neighbours, the Oridians are complex and well laden. The characters make decisions, both good and bad and take their lumps. This is not an easy book to read, but it is worth the effort.

My only real complaint is that it doesn’t so much conclude as stop. I’m old fashioned and like to see authors demonstrate the ability to write a satisfying conclusion before I’m three or four or more books into the series. It is very possible to conclude a book while still leaving movement toward the next book open.

It is a minor complaint in these days, and I would recommend it to epic fantasy lovers.

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