The Bone Flower Throne

The Bone Flower Throne
T.L. Morganfield
Panverse, Publishing LLC

This first novel in the trilogy introduces the young girl Quetzalpetlatl, a princess in Tenth Century Mexico. She is called by the Feathered Serpent to work against Smoking Mirrors and change the way her people worship. She is a pawn in more games than just between the gods. Her Uncle worships Smoking Mirrors and she is married to her cousin before her father learns of his brother’s forbidden worship. There is a revolution and she must flee to a neighbouring city for refuge. She grows up in that city training as a priestess with her brother, who is the son of the Feathered Serpent. Events aren’t kind to Quetzalpetlat or her friends and the service of the god is going to demand ever greater sacrifices.

I enjoyed this story. It is always a delight to find a book based in a different mythology than what we are used to reading. The story of the Toltecs and the struggle between the god of love and the god of pain is a fascinating one. The characters are very well drawn and the culture is carefully researched. One of the big successes of this novel is how that research and authenticity of culture is transparent and allows the story to shine through.

I recommend this book for all lovers of fantasy and those who like a book that looks at a different slice of history.

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