The Burying Ground

cover58417-mediumThe Burying Ground

Jane Kellough 

Dundurn Press

Luke lewis is a physician in the small village of Yorkville in 1851. Someone is digging up bodies in the Stranger’s Burying Ground, but not taking the bodies. His father, Thaddeus is a Methodist minister and has solved this kind of puzzle before. When Morgan Spicer the keeper of the Burying Ground asks him to investigate,¬† Thaddeus takes it on, a little disappointed that Luke isn’t interested.

Luke is struggling to become part of the small practice in Yorkville, and appreciates when his father is able to stay in his rooms between circuits, but he has his own worries and secrets to keep, especially when he accidentally becomes involved with a past enemy and major figure in Toronto’s underworld.

The great thing about reading a book set in historic Toronto is the little tidbits that can be learned about the period. The drawback is that there are a lot of tidbits and hardly and opportunity passes without some explanation. While fascinating historically, it makes for frustrating reading of a mystery.

I would recommend the book for readers who don’t mind a larger than usual dash of history along with what is a clever mystery.

You can buy the book here.

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