The Caretaker of Imagination

cv_the_caretaker_of_imaginationThe Caretaker of Imagination 

Z. R. Southcombe

John wants to run away from home and live great adventures, only he is forty-two. He decides to do it and soon meets a pirate and a story telling mouse named Edgar.

Edgar sends John on a quest to find the caretaker of imagination to learn why the stories are disappearing.

This easy read is an odd story, not quite children’s literature and not quite adult. It is a little like Roald Dahl, but with no children. I would really like to have seen a little more done with the plot to go with the intriguing tone of the book. While I enjoyed reading it, the ending left me asking “Is that it?”

I’m not sure who to recommend the book to, but if you like small oddities, this is your kind of book.

You can buy the book here.

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