The Conspiracy of Silence

The Conspiracy of Silence

Augustine Sam

The Conspiracy of Silence is a book of political intrigue centered around the death of the wife the Governor of California. It turns out that she didn’t exist, at least as the person she claimed to be. A black TV celebrity is charged with her murder and his attorney discovers something which lights a fuse to a powderkeg of political scandals.

The plot is byzantine in it complexity and sometimes I lost track of what level of time I was in. There are many long dialogues in which one character explains to another some essential part of the story. I would have preferred to watch more of the characters acting rather than talking.

The book is written mostly in what I’m guessing is third person omniscient, but the narrative voice isn’t quite strong enough to carry it off. I can imagine the story being told in the young lawyer’s voice.

On the whole it is a good story. If you like political intrigue and are willing to work through the complexity it is well worth picking up.

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