The Curse Box

The Curse Box
E.E. Richardson
Stoke Books

Tony has been left in charge of the Magic Shop that his father owns. The only thing is that the shop sells real magic! When one of Tony’s experiments goes wrong, he is distracted from a strange man in the store. Once the mess is cleaned up he finds that a box has been stolen. He learns that the box is a powerful curse box, and it was stolen by a vampire. Tony wants to recover the box before his father learns that it was stolen.

The Curse Box is written for people with lower reading skills. It is rated for about Grade Three. The idea is that it is an action story that will hold the attention of an older reader while not overwhelming them with difficult vocabulary and complex sentence structure. I found that it read very quickly and for me the action was almost frenetic. I’m sure that for someone who reads somewhat slower than I, the story will have the right level of action. The plot was simple, but not childish.

Unfortunately the reading level was a little higher than my son could manage, but his friend thought the opening paragraphs sounded awesome. I think Richardson has hit a good balance between vocabulary and interest. I’d love to see a book for the next level down, but that would be even more of a challenge to write.

I think this book does what it sets out to do. It is offering a fun story to a specialized but not insignificant audience.

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