The Curse of the Purple Pearl

The Curse of the Purple Pearl

Adrian Speed

Adrian gives us in Pearl a holmesian style mystery with Hannah playing Watson to Sir Reggie’s Holmes. Once you add in time travel and its consequential paradoxes you have a fun read where the conclusion is less important than the journey. We meet arachnid surgeons, secret societies, and the computer at the end of time, all of it served up with the kind of seriousness which beats tongue-in-cheek any day.

Hannah is a solid character on her own with much more self-awareness and agency than the usual Watson, which makes the story much less dated and fuddy duddy than the usual Holmes take-off. Sir Reggie is also less fatuously sure of himself which enabled me to finish the book without damage to my reader.

I would recommend the book to mystery lovers who don’t mind some existential weirdness mixed into the plot.

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