The Dark Realm

The dark realmThe Dark Realm

D. J.  Hoskins

Alex is a mediocre student who finds escape driving too fast on his motorcycle. He runs into the back of a truck, but instead of dying he wakes in the Dark Realm. After he finds his way out he discovers he is in an alternate United States where magic is what sets people apart, or more exactly, their ability to manipulate titus.

Alex wants to return to his dimension where his fiance is waiting, but he’s sent to a boarding school to learn what he can. Unfortunately Dark Realm is like so many other books set in schools for ‘special’ abilities.  The Alex struggles to fit in, some students help him, others want to destroy him. In this school, the teachers stay neutral and mostly ineffective. I had the feeling that I’d read the book before.

Some of the characters are well drawn, but we kept getting stopped to get brought up to date on backstory. The plot is straight forward.

What gives the book a little bit of an edge is the fight scenes where we are pulled into the action and get to see this world’s magic in action. I would recommend it for people who are going to read it for those action scenes, or who like the school genre enough to read one more book set in a magics school.

You can buy the book here.

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