The Dog Blog

The Dog Blog

By Wayne Woodall

The Dog Blog is a novella by Wayne Woodall that is narrated by an English Sheepdog with the name of Simon. Simon’s family consists of Ma, Pa and twin girls who ideally look after him and give him what he needs – lots of hugs, walkies, and the occasional grooming session. Unfortunately humans being what they are, they make things much more complicated than it needs to be and we are treated to a dog’s eye view of the events as they unfold.

Wayne creates a consistent and engaging voice for his narrator. We very quickly get attached to Simon and his way of looking at the world and his family. There are some other dogs that wander through the story, but Simon is the star and takes centre stage. There are some tantalizing threads that appear including a long lost brother and a dog named Daisy, but Wayne wisely sticks with the main thread of the tale and leaves these sub-plots unexplored. Perhaps another edition of The Dog Blog will explore whether Simon can make friends with a girl dog and why his brother stutters.

I found the story easy to read and quite touching in places. It also has a good bit of humour to leaven the mix. The three main characters, Pa, Ma and Simon are quite well rounded. The bit players have enough quirks to keep them from being simply cardboard cutouts. I would recommend this book as a light read for any dog lovers, or folks who just enjoy a good tale.

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    Hey Alex. I finished your books. Check your nanomail for my thoughts. Hope they help!

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