The Hero’s Lot

The Hero’s Lot
Patrick W. Carr
Bethany House

The Hero’s Lot is the second in The Staff and the Sword series. Once again we follow the adventures of Errol Stone, now an Earl of the Kingdom. Unfortunately his new rank and his ability as an omne can’t protect him from the conspiracies of those who want to rule the Kingdom and will use any tactic to guarantee their rule.
Once again Errol is put in an impossible position as he is place under compulsion to kill Varon, the renegade reader. Varon is in Merakh, the country to the south of the Kingdom and the people who plan to invade as soon as King Rodan is dead. Errol doesn’t expect to return alive, but that is the whole point of the penance.

Very often in trilogies the second book is just a holding pattern as the pieces are arranged for the final showdown in the concluding book. Once in a while you find a second book in which the characters accomplish a spiritual journey that hints at transformation in the conclusion. This is one of those rare books. We are treated to a journey into a particular kind of darkness, one that is essential for Errol to do what he is called to do. Patrick W. Carr treats us to a glimpse into the forging of a hero’s heart.

The Hero’s Lot, like the first book in the series A Cast of Stones is Christian fantasy. Given the spiritual journey in the book the religious overtones are much stronger, but not overwhelming. You don’t have to be Christian to enjoy this book. It is a great story about strong characters.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes well written, fun fantasy.

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