The Hidden Princess

d68c00164a5b9012d606d892ae6f2764The Hidden Princess

Angela Poppe

Eliza is a miller’s daughter who dreams of being a princess, one day she meets a real princess and he friend falls in love with her. A little while later the King arranges for his daughter to marry a dark prince from a neighboring kingdom in order to keep the peace.¬† Eliza’s friend and the real princess conspire to let Eliza and the princess switch places.

Eliza goes off to marry the dark prince, but soon learns the being a princess is much harder than she thought, and the consequences of discovery are beyond thinking of. Fortunately the real princess’ nanny is there to help, but Eliza’s life gets too complicated for even the nanny to help.

The story is told in classic folk tale with a few central character who are complex and struggle along with supporting cast of more simple people. The plot is familiar enough to be comfortable,  but with its own twist, turns and chills. It is a reminder that these tales had a dark side to them.

The Hidden Princess is thoroughly enjoyable by all age from middle school up.

You can buy the book here.

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