The Liar Charms

The Liar Charms

Lorain O’Neil

Lorain introduces us to Remy who wakes up in a room with seven other young woman. They quickly discover that they are to be sold to the highest bidder, all except Remy who way pre-purchased by the creep she met in a corner store years ago. What they have is the ability to detect deception, an ability which has made their owners rich and powerful.

Remy isn’t interested in making Isaiah Grommet richer and more powerful. She’s only interested in freedom and revenge, and not necessarily in that order. Events at Pakken, the company that bred and sold her change the rules and Remy becomes a pawn in a larger game than she imagined.

Remy is a gritty young woman who isn’t going to take being sold lightly. From the moment she meets Isaiah she challenges his patience, but even among Charms she is unusual. I enjoyed the way Lorain shows Remy as foul-mouthed without making the reader wade through her language. What does show on the page is edgy, but not offensive.

The Liar Charms is urban fantasy the way it should be done. She has a clearly defined system of abilities with a believable reason behind it. Remy is fully drawn and the people around her show their own complexity. This is not the book I expected at the start, it is much better. I recommend it for lovers of urban fantasy and strong female characters.

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