The Lure of Fools

The Lure of Fools
Jason King
Curiousity Quills Press

The Lure of Fools according to Ez, Jek’s uncle, is the call of adventure. Jek though wants adventure. He wants to see more of the world than just the little village where he grew up being cared for by his uncle. It is to stop the lure that Ez forbids Jek from going on a well finding expedition, yet when Jek returns home with news that men are looking for a man with a half moon tattoo everything changes. Ez is not who Jek always believed him to be, and the young man is sent off with a magic sword to take it to safety. Ez plans on drawing the pursuit after himself.

Elsewhere Kariah an Allosian is convinced that her brother is going to try to destroy all the humans. She must stop him, but that means leaving the safety of her home and garden and traveling into the human lands. She takes a necklace that will allow her to disguise herself and escapes, but two golems are sent after her.

I found the characters in the book to be likable and well drawn. The dialogue is natural with good rhythm and enough difference to mark where characters came from. The plot itself is also interesting. We are given hints that there is much more going on than just Jek’s desire for adventure.

The problem I have with the book is that there are a lot of places that feel over-written. Similes are repeated several times as if the author wasn’t sure that we would get it the first time. There are also a number of places in which we are told information that doesn’t seem to fit with the needs of the plot at that moment. These flaws, however are not deal breakers. This is still a good story, told by a good writer.

I would recommend the book to those who like a good adventure story.

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