The Magic Leg

The Magic Leg

Priscilla Barone

Toni has his crippled leg bitten off by a mysterious creature and it is replaced by a wonderful magic leg. We next meet Toni on a floating steamship with his sister Ren, known as the Sound Wrath, (his nickname is Magic Leg) and they are creating a reputation for themselves to go along with their nicknames. Toni is searching for a witch named Weaver to get answers about his leg.

This is a great setup. I like the leg, the steamship, the somewhat piratical vibe we get from Toni and his sister. I really wanted to like this book.

Unfortunately the execution of the story lets it down. The dialogue markings are nonĀ standard, an em-dash instead of quotation marks. I could have forgiven that if the dialogue hadn’t been stilted. We jump from plot to exposition to dialogue without any sense of flow. This is a book that I really wish had a good editor or critique group to go through it and do the work to make it into the story it deserves to be.

There is a good story in there, but it needs a lot of polishing to make it shine. I regret to say that as it stands I can’t recommend it. I wish I could.

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