The Making of Legend

The Making of Legend

Richard Barrs

Andrew Biman is a General, son of a General and the fastest rising star in the 56. He’s never failed a mission. Not until he’s asked to be on the Interplanetary Congress. He’s given one last mission which falls apart dramatically and within days he’s running for his life wanted for murder and treason.

Andrew is not about to stand still and wait for the corrupt people who framed him to finish him off. A prototype ship, a rescued princess an enemy turned friend. Andrew’s life will never be the same, but neither will the 56.

This book is as much character study as space opera. Andrew is an interesting character as he is reshaped by events into something very different from who we met at the start, but all the characters grow and shift. There are no cardboard cutouts here.

The space opera is still rollicking action with a few darker tinges than most. More reality for the characters to encounter. The ending is well constructed which makes Richard an author to watch as he works through the series. I recommend this to any who like sci-fi especially space opera and battle plots.

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