The Mexican Connection

The Mexican Connection

Pendleton C. Wallace

Ted Higuera is enjoying life. He’s with his family and he’s even managed a break from the restaurant to vista his buddy Chris in Seattle to see him graduate. It all comes apart when Ted’s younger brother vanishes into Mexico, then his father is murdered while looking for his son. Ted and Chris head south to find justice in a city where the law belongs to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile Lisa Adams life is turned upside down when her home is raided by police looking for her husband. James, unknown to Lisa, worked for a cartel in Mexico. Now Lisa is in jail, her daughter is in foster care and they won’t see each other until Lisa is and old woman. Not unless James returns to take the rap. Catrina Flaherty is hired to track James down and bring him back to the US.

The Mexican Connection is a romp. The characters are interesting and the main ones well developed,¬† but what works well is a story that doesn’t stop. It is set in the Mexico of the headlines, run by drug cartels who are at wore with each other and the police, but he creates as many sympathetic Mexican characters as villains and being aware that sensational headlines are just part of the picture.

There are a few spots where I might have wished he’d hired an editor to tighten up spots where he runs a little long, or gives a scene short shrift,¬† but just a few. On the whole this is a solid professionally written book. I can recommend it to action and adventure lovers.

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