The Mirror Chronicles: The Bell Between Worlds

The Mirror Chronicles:
The Bell Between Worlds
Ian Johnstone
HarperCollins UK

Sylas Tate lives with his uncle in a crooked old building called Gabblety Row. The occupants of the Row seem as odd as the building, but it is what Sylas knows. He is distracted while running and errand for his uncle and enters a store called The Shop of Things. From that moment nothing is ever going to be the same for Sylas. He will be called another world where magic battles magic and evil reigns over good.

The oddest part of Sylas’ journey in this strange world may be his feeling that he belongs there. He meets a number of people who help him and many who want to capture or kill him. He has been dropped in the middle of an age old struggle, but his friends all seem to be on the losing side.

I enjoyed this book. The idea behind the two worlds is new. There are a great many books about children and  who travel to a different world where they become heroes. The Bell Between Worlds  is set apart by a unique approach to the alternate world plot. 

The characters are well defined and interesting. Though Sylas is well drawn as a boy who is suddenly plunged into a conflict beyond his imagination, it is some of the surrounding characters who really shine and add interest and colour to the story. The book is meant for children and youth, but like all well written children’s books it is just as enjoyable for adults.

I would recommend The Bell Between Worlds for all lovers of adventure and fantasy.

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  1. Dan Wilson says:

    Hey! I picked up a review copy of this which I’m now betting might be worth a lot of money in a couple of years’ time. This is a fantastic, can’t-put-down read! Ian, I just hope you don’t keep us waiting too long for the next instalment!

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