The Moon Child

The Moon Child
Mark Lucek

The Moon Child  is a story that takes place at the intersection between hunter gatherer culture and agrarian culture in the north of what would become Poland. Iwa is a young girl who is an outsider in her tribe. Her mother died giving birth to her and Iwa would rather be exploring the forest, for all its dangers, than helping the women with their chores.

When the tribe is invaded by woyaks from the south and the women enslaved, Iwa is the logical person to send to find poison mushrooms to kill the invaders. Iwa doesn’t find the mushrooms but she find a great deal more and it challenges everything she believes about herself and the land she lives in.

I liked the character of Iwa. There is just the right blend of youthful impertinence and determination. Few of the rest of the tribe are drawn as well, but there are some great characters in the invading woyaks. Mark Lucek does a good job of showing the difference between the two groups. I enjoyed the story and the background information.

The Moon Child  is not a long read, but it is well worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the setting. I wondered if the ending were a bit abrupt, but it might take away from the story to expand it further. I would recommend the book for anyone who like strong young characters and interesting settings.

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