The Northern Star: Civil War

The Northern Star: Civil War

Mike Gullickson

This second book in the Northern Star trilogy picks up about a decade after the closing events of The Beginning. Raimey, who sacrificed his physical humanity in the service of his country, is now just the first among many Tank Majors. He is surrounded by Minors, all of whom have undergone the radical surgery to make them into cybernetic soldiers.

The price of saving his country was losing his daughter. She sees him as a monster who abandoned her and her dying mother when they needed him the most. Raimey still fights for his country, but the ghost of his beloved wife haunts him and his handlers are concerned that he is no longer quite sane.

War in brewing on the internet as Evan tries to build himself into a god. Cynthia is the only one with a chance to stop him, but the cost is horrific.

It is easy to follow this book if you’ve read the first. It is possible to pick up the story quickly if you can’t find it, but The Beginning is well worth reading and the background makes this book more enjoyable. Civil War is one of those books that is just hard to put down. There is so much complexity and breadth of character that I kept reading just one more chapter. If anything it is superior to the first book since it builds on a world that is already established and we don’t need to learn our way around.

I recommend this book to those who like adventure and war stories that are truly futuristic.

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