The Pharaoh’s Cat


Untitled-1The Pharaoh’s Cat

Maria Louis Lang

Wrappa-Hamen the cat goes from being thrown out of a fish boat to being the Pharaoh’s cat when he suddenly stands on his hind legs and talks like human being. The position of Pharaoh’s cat doesn’t stop him from getting into all manner of trouble. The first half of the book is an episodic telling of all the ways he makes trouble for himself and the Pharaoh,  not to mention the Vizier who hates Wrappa-Hamen. Just when I had decided that the book was no more than a collection of amusing or touching vignettes, it develops a plot and spins off in an entirely new direction.

While the characters are not the most rounded, the story, when it shows up is touching and with the wait. By the time I finished I had a smile on my face and was very glad I’d persevered.

I recommend the book to people who like cats, or ancient Egypt, or just a good story.

You can buy the book here.

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