The Restorer: Expanded Edition

The Restorer: Expanded Edition
Sharon Hinck
Marcher Lord Press

The Restorer by Sharon Hinck has been released by Marcher Lord Press in an expanded edition. Added to the original book are some extra chapters from other point of views, access to audio files of songs from the book and recipes to cook some of the food that is mentioned in the story. At the end of the book you will find extensive study notes for those who want to dig into the relationship between Deborah (a judge in early Israel) and Susan, the protagonist of The Restorer.

Susan is a mom of four children who is happily married to Mark. Unfortunately she has been feeling very down. Mark builds here a retreat in their attic to give her space and time to recover herself. The attic turns out to have a portal into another world in which Susan is a Restorer – people called by the One to lead the people back to the Songs and to protect the people of Lyric in their times of need.

Susan is a reluctant restorer as she struggles with her own doubts and darkness, but as her relationship with the One grows, so does her determination to bring hope to her new friends.

The story stands well on its own without the extras that are included in this edition. I like that the book is set up, especially the electronic version I reviewed, to make the extras as unobtrusive as possible. The music and recipes are accessed by hyperlinks or scan codes. In the electronic version it is easy to choose between following the original story line or reading the extra material via hyperlink. I found the extras interesting, they are more about character than plot.

I found Sharon’s characters to be well rounded and interesting. The people who populate her story are flawed and filled with the need for redemption, yet Sharon doesn’t offer cheap solutions. Like all Marcher Lord Press books this is Christian writing, yet like all their books the faith aspect is integral to the story and not at all preachy. For those who know the story they will nod their heads in places that are familiar, for others they may want to work through the study guide to learn more about a time of great turmoil for the people of Israel.

I recommend this book to anyone.

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