The Second Order


Bill Knudson

The Second Order

The Second Order is a fantasy book which follows Ander a tribesman who has trouble with houndsteeds. A strange disease strikes his people and he and two others from the tribe are sent to find a cure. The story progresses from there with love, betrayal, secret identities and more.

I liked the book, it is an easy read and the plot is enjoyable. Would love to see the characters developed more and to get closer into their heads. Ander is also somewhat of a pawn in the book. He is moved around but for the most part he reacts to situations rather than acting to create the plot. Some of this could be blamed on the complexity of the plotting. Having your character walk an already defined path is easier, if not as satisfying for the reader.

I would recommend the book for people who like light reading and are not as concerned with the depth of character.

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