The Sulfurings

The Sulfurings

Allen Taylor, editor

Garden Gnome Publications

The Sulphurings is the second anthology inspired by a Biblical story. In this case it is the tale of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The stories range in length from flash fiction to longer short stories. They also run the gamut of genres and plots from sci-fi to horror to fantasy. The only consistent element is the fire of destruction raining down from the heavens.

Reading the stories it is easy to forget they are inspired by The Bible as Lot and his daughters are mentioned only tangentially in a few stories and don’t appear in the rest.

This is the kind of book you pick up to read a short story here and there. Read all at once they become a little overwhelming. The stories are well crafted and chosen by editors who know their way around paper and ink as well as fire and brimstone.

I’d recommend this book to short story enthusiasts.

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