The Superlative Stream

The Superlative Stream:  The Darktrench Saga Book 2
Kerry Nietz
Marcher Lord Press

The Superlative Stream  by Kerry Nietz is the second in the Darktrench Saga, Sandfly and Hard Candy have travelled with the ship Dark Trench to Betelguese in search of the source of the superlative stream that has change Sandfly in ways that he doesn’t completely understand.

When they arrive, they find a planet that shouldn’t be there and get a brief clip from a stream that is very like the one they are searching for. Against all reason the planet looks to be similar to Earth and inhabited. Sandfly and Hard Candy end up on the planet and meet people that Sand calls Betels and Hard Candy wonders if they are Jinn. Here is a civilization that is so far ahead of Earth that it is hard to imagine, but the question remains, is this really the source of the superlative stream.

Kerry uses this second book to introduce us in much greater detail to Hard Candy. We learn why she is a debugger and what that might mean to Sandfly. We also see Sandfly’s growth as he struggles to understand something that he has only had the briefest glimpses of.

This book is a fitting follow up to A Star Curiously Singing which introduces the dystopian world. The nature of the world that Sandfly and Hard Candy inhabited is given even more shape in The Superlative Stream and we are given hints at what is to come in the concluding book.

As in all Marcher Lord Press books, there is a Christian element to this story, but it is never allowed to get in the way of the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read.

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  1. Kerry Nietz says:

    Thank you for this kind review. I really appreciate it. It encourages me! Thanks.

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