The Thirteenth Tower

cover54142-mediumThe Thirteenth Tower

Sara C. Snider

Double Beast Publishing

This is a fascinating novel with a new kind of magic with words that have physical presence and a competing wild ‘emotional’ magic.  Emelyn is a servant in a manor house outside of town in Fallow. When a fair is invaded by magical creatures, Emelyn is the only one to resist the magic except for a young stranger who insists that he was an apprentice to a man who hasn’t had an apprentice in decades. They fall in with two Magi who have issues and agendas of their own, but state that they know Emelyn’s parents. Emelyn learns that she is part of their plans and news of her parentage may be a mixed blessing.

I enjoyed the portrayal of the characters in the book especially the magical beings who are given shape and form as very different from human and yet still rounded characters. The plot is straightforward but very well crafted with a truly bang up ending to the story.

The Thirteenth Tower is a quality read and I recommend it for people who enjoy fantasy.

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